"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"

Neena. 18. Trying to be the best me I can be. Forever waiting for an adventure. Serendipity.

It’s different but it’s amazing.

I’ve been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that. Alexandra Elle, Words from a Wanderer (via c-oquetry)

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I’m going to start unfollowing anyone who talks shit about police. It actually gets me really worked up because people have no respect for law enforcement.

Amen to this

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Watch it in video

This made me smile. Watch the video.

I just want the guy

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My dog won by a large amount of votes as ‘cutest pet’ for the local newspaper. But because he’s a pitbull he was not given the prize or recognition. So disappointed with the ignorance of this town. At least I know Valentino is the cutest pet in this town.

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When your mom lets you stay home on half days


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